Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Starting Out

Long Road Ahead.

i am 20 and im just start to play and learn the game of poker, i have only played for fun before and it will be the same now aswell, and when i get the time.
I have a starting bankroll of 100 and would like to increase that :P. any info, tips or help would be appreciated, just feel free to leave a comment.

So i will start out in the will hill super series tournaments and see how it goes from there, and im looking to play once a week, if any1 else has any other sites to play on that would help me out then again just leave a comment.

I have just watched my dad play a tournament and tbf he doesnt look that bad when doing so, but maybe its because, more than likely hes had a drink and hes being a tad brave at the table but i bet when it get to the last 3, or if he gets to the last 3 he will wee himself abit and fall off his chair :).
Anyway good luck with that one dad ahah.

anyway thats all from me and heres a joke for you

Two villa fans standing on the edge of a cliff.
One with the home kit on and the other with the away one on.
Suddenly a gust of wind forces them over the edge.
Which one hits the deck first.
Who gives a fuck !


  1. Hey mate, link swap? I got all the best porn sites lol ;)

  2. oh yeh, also get yourself on www.raisetheriver.com mate

  3. whats ure name on ipoker?, played ure ols fella many times, may as well crush u too :)
    Was at ure dump of a ground not long ago, dominated yous on and off the park!!...EFC